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University of London – LLB – International Programme

Contract law LA1040

This module introduces you to the principles of contract at common law and in equity and helps you to understand how these principles are applied to agreements.

Criminal law LA1010

This module examines general principles of criminal liability, a range of fatal and non-fatal offences against the person and selected offences against property

Legal system and method LA1031

This module introduces the English legal system and conveys what is distinctive about the common law approach as a legal methodology.

Public law LA1020

This module focuses on constitutional issues and reform; it analyses key issues governing the relations between citizens and the state.

Tort law LA2001

This module introduces you to the organising principles of tort law, such as damage, fault and vicarious liability.

Administrative law LA2008

This module will appeal to students who enjoy public law and have an interest in public affairs.

Commercial law LA2017

Commercial law is concerned with obligations between parties to commercial transactions and the relationship with rules of personal property.

Family law LA2019

Family law affects every member of society. Modern legal regulation of family relationships involves a complex interaction between the family and the state.

EU law LA2024

This module will appeal to students who enjoy public law or who have an interest in public affairs, politics, economics or international relations.

International protection of human rights LA2029

This module examines the protection afforded to individuals, fundamental concepts and principles which underpin the law of international human rights.

Introduction to criminology LA2010

This module aims to provide students with an introduction to criminology as a field of inquiry.

Property law LA2003

This module centres on the various interests that can exist in land, the principles governing the creation, transfer and extinction of these interests.

Jurisprudence and legal theory LA3005

Jurisprudence examines the nature of law, its place in society and how a legal system operates as a system of rules.

Alternative Dispute Resolution LA3011

This module covers the main concepts of the law and theory underpinning Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Civil and criminal procedure LA3004

This module focuses on the procedural rules and processes that govern the conduct of criminal and civil legal actions.

Company law LA3021

A vital module for anyone intending to operate in a commercial field.

Conflict of laws LA3014

Also known as private international law, this is the body of rules applied by the English courts to cases with a foreign element.

Criminology LA3025

This module concentrates on criminological theory as a discipline and challenges students to confront the presuppositions they have about crime and offenders.

Equity and Trusts LA3002

Equity and Trusts deals with the rules and principles governing the creation and operation of trusts – a particular method of holding property.

Evidence LA3007

Gain knowledge on how evidence is used in the courtroom and the roles of lawyers, jury and judge in an adversarial system.

Intellectual property LA3026

Intellectual property law seeks a difficult balance between rewarding the right owner of a piece of intellectual property, and the needs of society.

International commercial law LA3009

Develop a critical understanding of key aspects of, and debates in, commercial law in an international context.

Introduction to Islamic law LA3028

Gain an overview of Islamic law, the religious and historical foundations of Islamic law and its application in contemporary jurisdictions.

Public international law LA3013

Deals with the role of international organisations and, in the fields of human rights and international criminal law, the rights and duties of individuals.

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